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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Timbaland's Studio Equipment

Over the years Timbaland has become one of the most dominant music producers in the world. Go to any country and chances are somebody knows who you're talking about when you say Timbaland. How does he do it? Timbaland does not let too many secrets out, but we do know some of his equipment he's used in the past. The inventory list we have came after an interview with Remix magazine.

Timbaland's Suggested Studio Inventory:

Korg Triton and a Yamaha Motif 7
Ensoniq ASR-10 (Kanye West and the Neptunes have this as well--it's a discontinued
keyboard that samples)

Yamaha NS10s for monitoring
Neumann U 87 mic, a UREI 1176 compressor and a Neve 1076 preamp for microphones
Digidesign Pro Tools
VSTi software synths

You can read interview with Remix magazine in depth at the link below:

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